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Have a Poppin Good time with your own Popcorn Machine! Everybody's favorite snack. There is nothing like the smell of fresh popcorn to get a crowd of people excited about your next big event!

Easy Steps for Using a Rented Popcorn Machine
Perfect popcorn is within your reach. The following material provides general information on how to use a rented popcorn machine to make it. Boone Enterprises can provide you with specific instructions for using the popcorn machine that you rent. Safety tips.
Only plug rented popcorn machine into a grounded outlet of appropriate volts and amps. Do not cover the rented popcorn machine’s air intake and exhaust holes at the top of the machine.
Do not touch kettle on rented popcorn machine while it is hot.
Always lift a rented popcorn machine by its base.
Keep onlookers at an appropriate distance from rented popcorn machine.
An adult should supervise the operation of the rented popcorn machine.

Place the rented popcorn machine on a stable, level surface, such as a table or counter. To create a more attractive setting, rent a cart, stand or wagon specially designed for the popcorn machine.
Make sure to set up the rented popcorn machine near a grounded, electrical source, so that you will not need to use an extension cord, unless approved by the machine’s manufacturer.
Inspect rented popcorn machine to ensure all parts are in place.

Plug in the rented popcorn machine. Then, turn on its kettle heat, kettle motor and exhaust switches.
Use the rented popcorn machine to create a test batch of popcorn by placing one measure of oil and three corn kernels in the kettle. When the kernels pop, place remainder of oil, measured corn and any flavorings in kettle. Close lid. Near the completion of the batch, turn off the kettle heat switch to eliminate smoke and odor. Do not leave the kettle heat switch on when not popping popcorn. Empty popcorn from the kettle when corn finishes its popping.
Repeat process to create more flavorful subsequent batches of popcorn.
When finished using the rented popcorn machine, turn off its kettle heat, kettle motor and exhaust switches.
Cleaning. Allow the rented popcorn machine to cool. Then clean it before returning it to the rental store to avoid additional fees.
Unplug rented popcorn machine and remove kettle from it.
Use a damp cloth to wipe the kettle, kettle lids, crossbar and exterior. Do not immerse items in water or place under running water.
Remove popped corn and clean the inside of the rented popcorn machine.
Remove and empty the pan containing kernels that did not pop, also known as “old maids,” and wipe it clean.
Dry the rented popcorn machine and its parts thoroughly.
Storage tip: Store popcorn kernels in an airtight container kept in a cool place to help them retain needed moisture.

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