Game Shows

Great way to do team building for your business or have an entertaining time for any type of event your planning.

Just like your favorite game shows you answer questions with a fast hand. We have sound effects, pipe and drape back ground which add to the game show effect.
Game Show Money Machine Game show
Outdoor Game Show
Money Machine
Student Game Show

If you're looking for something new and different to spice up your next business meeting, training seminar, party or nightclub entertainment, call Boone Enterprises! We have the professional game show podiums with displays, flashing lights, and buttons that lockout the other podiums (so the first contestant to buzz in gets to try to answer first). Plus each podium has its own microphone for the player to talk in to. We have tons of trivia questions available, including history, science, geography, music, television, movies, pop culture, and much more. Or we can import specific questions pertaining to your company or event! Our system is completely portable, so we can bring the game show directly to you! The winners of each round get to enter the Money Machine and keep all the cash, they can capture in 18 seconds.

Our unique game show system and peripheral equipment specifically built for live performance, audience participation and interaction.

Our "TV type" game show systems can used by nightclubs, bars, resorts, schools, colleges, disc jockeys, entertainers, corporate event planners, and shopping malls, etc...., applications. for store promotions, reunions, bar/bat mitzvahs, educational challenges, parties and many other events.