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Our Ferris Wheel is a twenty (20) foot. Our Ferris Wheel ride is the last step between the smaller mechanical Wheels, and the larger Gondola Wheels. Capable of carrying both children and adults, as many as three (3) in each of its Five (5) seats, the Ferris Wheel can hold an average of two hundred (200) pounds per seat. The Ferris Wheel is guaranteed to attract attention, while dealing with capacity concerns. A simple (12x 25) footprint is all that is needed for this wonderful attraction to captivate the audiences at your company picnic. All mechanical rides come with at least one Boone Enterprises attendant.

Drive up access required- State Inspections will be required- Travel fee applies to this equipment. Pricing subject to change on all major holidays. Call to check availability.

Ride Capacity: 10 People
Space Requirements: 45
Circle Power Requirements: 220V- 30Amps
Height Restrictions: Must be 48 tall