Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a deposit?

There is a 50% deposit on all orders..

Is there a traveling fee?


How many years have you been in business?

SInce 1973.

What are the dimensions of an item?

The size dimensions are listed with most items. If not, please contact us for more information.

What are your office hours?

Monday - Friday | 9:00AM - 6PM - Office Hours vary extremely, depending on season. Always call to Confirm!


This is a summary of our rules governing Safe Operation of Equipment
To ensure safe operation of the inflatable, it is in your best interest to read the entire "Rules Governing Safe Operation of Equipment" provided with your lease agreement. Please direct any questions you may have about the operation of the inflatable to your Boone Enterprises representative before you begin use of the equipment.
SUPERVISION: The safety of children depends on adults. Personal supervision is absolutely required at all times.
AGE: Only compatible age groups and sizes shall play on the inflatable at the same time. See our "Rules Governing Safe Operation of Equipment" provided with your lease agreement for guidelines.
SHOES, GLASSES AND ALL LOOSE JEWELRY MUST BE REMOVED before playing in the inflatable.
INSTALLATION: Do not remove the inflatable from the area where it was installed. Keep the inflatable unit away from swimming pools and other sources of water at all times.
Fees may be assessed for negligence or abuse of the inflatable. Refer to "Rules Governing Safe Operation of Equipment" for further details.

Emergency Phone Number

Accident or Injury # 911
Wade Boone’s Cell # 336-462-0798
Sammie Boone Cell # 336-462-1051

How far in advance should I book a carnival event?

We suggest the sooner the better, we like to plan our routes early on to give you the customer the best service ever, and depending on how large or small our events are we only schedule 1-3 events per day so our dates book up fast, Saturday’s are especially popular.

What age range is suggested for the carnival?

We find that our Boone Enterprises games are great for any ages from 2-99. We have the flexibility of making any of our carnival games as easy or as hard as possible by just moving our game stands either forward or back to make them just right for the age group we are hosting. There are some games that might not work for the very little crowd but they aren’t too many.

What is the minimum guest count BOONE ENTERPRISES will set up for?

We have set up private parties for as little as 10 children and as large as 25,000. No matter what the group size is, we make it just as special and fun for everyone.

Can I meet with someone from Boone Enterprises?

We will gladly meet with you and your committee for a no pressure Q & A session. You can ask all the questions needed to fully understand our services. We will be happy to answer questions about your event site.

What do I have to do the day of the event?

Our Event Coordinators will have taken care of every detail for setup, ordering the ice, bread, tables and chairs, etc. and the cleanup. You can enjoy the day by spending time with your family during the event, not before and after!

What does BOONE ENTERPRISES require to Book an event Time & Date?

BOONE ENTERPRISES requires a signed Agreement Contract and a 50% deposit for all events. At this time BOONE ENTERPRISES will take personal or organization check, credit card or cash. Balance is due prior to event proceeding in Cash Day Of, Credit Card 24hrs prior or Check 1 week prior to event.

What is BOONE ENTERPRISES’s cancelation policy?

Customer is responsible for 50% of the total rental. If the customer cancels less than 15 business days prior to the event, customer is responsible for 100% of the rental. Boone Enterprises Inc. will keep the deposit but the customer may apply it to a future rental within months. No refunds or rescheduling will be honored after the equipment has left our warehouse, even if the equipment is not used. All weather cancellations must be made by calling Boone Enterprises office by 8:00 am on the day of event, if no answer leave a message.

Does BOONE ENTERPRISES carry all proper liability insurance required by the State of North Carolina?

Yes, BOONE ENTERPRISES carries all necessary insurance required by law, but this by no mean implies BOONE ENTERPRISES has legal responsibility. Please see our contract for details.

Are the Rides and Inflatable’s inspected by the State of North Carolina?

Inflatable’s are inspected yearly and mechanicals are inspected every time they are set up.

Who will notify the State of North Carolina that we will have rides at our Event?

Boone Enterprises must notify the State of North Carolina 10 working days prior to the event and arrange inspection times.

Who pays the State for Inspections?

Boone Enterprises will pay for the inspections, but will Invoice the fees back to the customer.

Can BOONE ENTERPRISES customize a package to fit my needs?

Yes, we can change, add or swap out items in our packages, usually for an additional charge.

Can my school or organization hire BOONE ENTERPRISES to run our yearly Fundraiser, Harvest Festival, Halloween Carnival, End of the Year Appreciation Day, Grand Opening or Church Carnival for a profit?

YES! We are available for hire, we would create a special package per person so that your organization can sell for between 20-50% more then your cost to us and make a profit without the hassle of doing the whole event yourself.